HepMCAnalysis Tool

The HepMCAnalysis Tool is a tool for generator validation and comparisons.
The main idea is to have a stable, easy-to-use and extendable framework to provide a fast access point to generator level analysis.
A class library with benchmark physics processes has been written to analyse HepMC generator output and fill root histograms.
A web-interface is provided to display all or selected histograms, compare to references and validate the results based on Kolmogorov Tests.
Steerable example programs can be used for event generation and conversion to HepMC format.
The HepMCAnalysis Tool is supported on the same platforms as the GENSER library.
It links against the GENSER installation. and it will automatically detect the CERN or the DESY mirror of the GENSER libraries.

The HepMCAnalysis Tool was developed by Cano Ay, Wolfgang Ehrenfeld, Sebastian Johnert, Judith Katzy and Zhonghua Qin.
The newest version is release 3.4.13. You can download the HepMCAnalysis Tool: Older releases can be found here.

Unpack the versions with "tar -xvf HepMCAnalysis-xx-xx-xx.tar" or "tar xzvf HepMCAnalysis-xx-xx-xx.tar.gz".
You can find the tool also over the SVN or the CVS (old, only to release 3.0) directory of the ATLAS experiment: click SVN or CVS(old).

The release notes: ReleaseNotes. For changes see the changelog file: Changelog.

For further instructions visit the HepMCAnalysis Tool documentation.
Documentations of old releases can be found here.

And papers, talks, posters and other publications of the HepMCAnalysis Tool:
Generator Validation results with
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